Periodontitis is the branch of Dentistry that deals with the condition, disease and treatment of the supporting structures of the teeth called the periodontium.
In common terms, these are the problems related to Gum Bleeding,swelling and sequentially tooth loosening.
The primary concern about these issues is that the problems are usually painless and in most of the times go undetected until it is too late.
The chief culprit behind the Gum Disease being the bacterial plaque which forms on the teeth constantly and when not removed calcifies to form Tartar or Calculus. The Bacteria piles up in this and damages the Aiding tissues surrounding the teeth and eventually results in tooth loosening unless treated on time.
It is preferred to get your teeth checked every 6-8 months during which the specialists at our center will check the colour and the firmness of the gums and if required will advise diagnostic procedures like IOPA’S and O.P.G to determine the condition of the Teeth and surrounding bone structure.
Our main emphasis is a conservative approach.
In the initial stages a simple scaling will do the needful.
In mild cases a Laser periodontal therapy where we use a strong beam of light to arrest the infection.
The introduction of Laser therapy is a big leap to curtail the infection painlessly we, at our speciality use
When Gum disease is in the advanced stage, Flap surgery or periodontal surgery is suggested to increase the Teeth life.
This procedure is done to knock out the infection and regenerate the periodontal ligament and the Bone tissue. This treatment is often Laser assisted to produce better results.