An Attractive smile is the most appealing ornament one can wear.
A beautiful smile can be will be warm, cheerful and acts as an instant facelift fir a persons face and mood as well.
With latest advances in dentistry one can get a beautiful smile they cherished for long,without burning their pocket.
Smile designing techniques span from teeth whitening, veneers, Enamel contouring, composite Bonding, zirconia crowns, orthodontic treatments etc.
Tooth discolouration is basically due to stains and these stains can be of 2 types
Extrinsic stains
As the name suggests these are temporary stains found on the external surface of the tooth i.e on the enamel. These are caused due to habits like smoking, pan chewing, high intake of coffee ,tea and also due to colouring agents present in different foods. These stains can be removed with scaling and polishing.
These are endogenous and are incorporated within the tooth matrix and are caused due to excess fluoride intake during growing years or certain drugs like tetracycline at the time of tooth formation.
These stains cannot be removed by regular scaling procedures but require Bleaching which is the most common routine in smile designing.
Bleaching can be performed in 2 ways
1) Home bleach – customised soft trays are prepared and carbamide peroxide gel of required concentration will be provided which has to be dispensed on the trays and used for 8 hours in a day for a period of 2 weeks for desired results. This Is a very cost effective procedure but the results are not guaranteed.
2) Office Bleach – zoom Bleach laser assisted state of the art Bleaching technique which provides instant whitening in a single sitting. This will be performed under our expert guidance and assures 100% guaranteed results for a lifetime. However Instructions should be followed very carefully.
These are very thin shells of porcelain 0r composite tooth coloured material cemented on to the front surface of the Teeth, especially the anteriors to change the colour and shape of the teeth.
These can also be used to conceal minor imperfections like crowding and gaps between the teeth.
Porcelain veneers are custom made and is a two sitting procedure.
A wax mock up model is prepared to show you the expected result before initiating the procedure.
In the first sitting the Tooth is prepared and impressions are taken and in the second visit the custom made porcelain shells are cemented on to the tooth surface.
Whereas in case of composite veneers, composite Resin is added on the Tooth surface to conceal the defects.
This is ideal treatment for cracked, chipped tooth and to cover minor spots.
Also known as Tooth contouring,is used to correct minor defects like pointed teeth, chipped teeth, where required changes are made in in the Enamel to get a desired shape and Smile.