Endodontics is a branch of dentistry associated with the study and treatment of Dental pulp and the tissues neighbouring the tooth Root.
The primary intent of Root canal treatment is to remove the diseased pulp ,clean ,cleanse ,irrigate shape and then fill the canals of the tooth.
Root canal is filled completely with an inert material called Guttaperchathis is to advocate periradicular healing and prevent reinfection of the tooth there by preserving the natural tooth thus maintaining the balance in the oral cavity.
Dentistry has evolved tremendously over the past few years and the people suffering from dental pain no longer have to panic to visit a dentist and undergo multiple sittings for a Root canal treatment as it can now be done in a SINGLE SITTING.
The main purpose of root canal treatment is to eradicate Bacteria from the infected tooth irrespective of the number of sittings .If managed well can be done in a single sitting with the similar post operative results as with multiple sittings.
Thanks to the advanced technology which introduced Nickel-Titanium rotary instuments,apexlocators,ultrasonics,lasers and microscopic endodontics which maked the work of a Dentist easy and hasslefree . These latest inventions helped the dentists achieve dental procedures more precisely than before.
Specialists at our center perform an array of therapies including single visit Root canal treatments,Apisectomy and also the procedures related to Dental Trauma.